2013 Proxy Season Prep

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It may seem early, but now’s the time to get prepared for the upcoming 2013 proxy season.

Last year’s proxy season was notable for greater shareholder activism as I discuss in my posts (Just a Small Leak, Silent Majority Speaks and Initial Results). 

I suggested this trend was fostered by the rise of proxy advisors in my video (Herding Cats) and would continue.

So, in preparing for the 2013 proxy season, small cap company executives and their boards of directors can gain valuable insights about this season’s key issues by listening to a webinar produced by the law firm, Latham & Watkins, and proxy solicitor, Georgeson.

This webinar covers many issues including proxy access (Potential Trojan Horse), “say on pay”, political spending and several more topics. 

It’s definitely worth the time.  It’s packed with information.  I highly recommend that you click on the link below.

I also encourage you to contact me to help your company to complete any capital market transactions.

Webinar link – registration required: https://event.on24.com/eventRegistration/EventLobbyServlet?target=registration.jsp&eventid=548640&sessionid=1&key=137765EF6ECD99F2943DB8481BBA1B39&sourcepage=register 

Jan 24 addition – link to sign up for executive compensation consulting firm, Equilar, webinar series to prep for 2013 proxy season:


Jan 30 addition – For those of you who would like to see the quantitative data on the trends in proxy issues and proxy voting, I have two links, one to an article from the magazine, Corporate Counsel, which alerted me to survey data prepared by the Conference Board, which has its own link below.

Corporate Counsel Article Link: http://www.law.com/corporatecounsel/PubArticleCC.jsp?id=1202586196247&=&Analysis_of_Proxy_Voting_Data_Looks_at_SayOnPay_Shareholder_Engagement=&et=editorial&bu=Corporate%20Counsel&cn=cc20130130&src=EMC-Email&pt=Corporate%20Counsel%20Daily%20Alerts&kw=read%20more%20%C2%BB&slreturn=20130030132043

Conference Board Survey Link: http://www.conference-board.org/publications/publicationdetail.cfm?publicationid=2402

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