Debt Series

By Dennis McCarthy – (213) 222-8260 –

Welcome to the debt series, arranging debt for small cap companies.

Today, small cap companies considering raising debt have many options to choose from.

Companies have choices about (i) maturity, (ii) fixed or floating interest rate, (iii) asset-backed or not and, (iv) heavy or light covenants.

Some of the options aren’t even debt, but have debt-like features and may even be taxed like debt.

Having many debt options is a good thing.  But, to make good choices, a small cap company needs to know what’s available and what are the key features and pro’s and con’s of each option.

To help companies to better understand what debt options are available as well as some of the tricks and traps, I created a series of videos on arranging debt for small cap companies.

Each of my videos will be short and focused on one element of the topic.

I plan to supplement my videos with contributions from other professionals who will add their special expertise to the series.

I hope you’ll enjoy this series.  Give me your feedback to make it even better.

Debt Series - Overview