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As the original market leader in next-generation LED technology, Déesee PRO is renowned for fusing comfortably contoured designs with clinic-grade results. Making in-office treatments more accessible to all, the brand’s innovative line up of technology is designed to deliver low-level light therapy that jump-starts cells and prolongs skin health. Now, that’s what we call revolutionary...


Déesse Pro

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Bringing the benefits of phototherapy to all, Déesee PRO dreams up innovative tools designed to tackle a wide range of dermatological concerns – including acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. From the brand’s signature Déesse PRO Express mask to the Sculpta by Déesse PRO, each treasured tool supports the quality of your skin and structure of your face while boosting an enhanced glow, lift and plumping finish.


We cannot mention Déesse PRO’s bestsellers without discussing the award-wining LED Phototherapy Mask. Adopting scientific light principles used by NASA, this at home face treatment incorporates LED Light therapy to target a variety of skin concerns. Resting comfortably on the face, it’s a safe, pain free and totally non-invasive way to help you diminish dark spots, lessen scars, battle breakouts and stimulate collagen. It is the ultimate investment for the future of your face...


With more and more research showing the positive impacts of light therapy on the quality of our complexion, it’s important to understand how LED works. The Déesse PRO LED Phototherapy Mask uses Low-Level Light Therapy and six different treatment modes, all at different wavelengths, to tackle specific skin concerns. To address the visible signs of aging, the red-light mode stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which are essential to the structure of our skin. Blue light therapy is ideal for treating acne by reducing the activity of oils in the sebaceous glands and preventing any acne-causing bacteria from forming on the dermis. The brightening green light mode aids in the improvement of dark spots by targeting melanocytes and inhibiting the pathway to the surface of the skin. The pink light mode uses red, blue and near-infrared light to increase its healing by instantly minimising bruising, calming inflammation and increasing collagen. The calming yellow light soothes sensitivity and reduces redness. And finally, the white light mode is a shorter version of all the other modes on the mask combined. Impressive, we know.