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Jade Biggs
Writer and expert3 years ago
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Last updated: 01/06/2024

A close up photograph of Huda Beauty founder, Huda Kattan, wearing a full face of glamourous make up and long nail extensions

The definition of a beauty trailblazer, Huda Kattan (read: influencer, award-winning blogger and professional MUA) launched her eponymous brand 10 years ago — and it quickly became one of the world’s fastest-growing beauty brands. 

A decade on, Huda Beauty has millions of global fans — including big name A-listers — thanks to its iconic make up bag staples, which range from long-lasting complexion heroes to intensely pigmented formulas, to name a few. “We are always innovating!” Huda says on her website of her brand’s make up creations and reputation for trendsetting. “Any time we create a new product, we raise the bar and make sure that whatever we are creating will fill a gap in the industry.” 

It’s no wonder then, that Huda didn’t stop at make up. Alongside her sister, Mona Kattan, she went on to found fragrance brand KAYALI — inspired by the rich heritage of the Middle East and the ritual of layering fragrances to develop your own signature scent.  

With so much to celebrate when it comes to Huda’s brands, it’ll come as no surprise that Huda Beauty is (once again!) our Cult Beauty Brand of the Month. Now, let’s get onto some wishlisting...  


An iconic Huda Beauty bestseller, the Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder needs no introduction and the many (many) five star reviews are evidence of that. “This sets so well and makes my make up last all day! I’m just obsessed with it!” a Cult Beauty community member said of the must-have, as another agreed: “The best powder to exist. So brightening and blurring.” 

Another essential? The Huda Beauty Hoodie Flares #25 Classic Lashes, which are easy-to-use for both false lash beginners and seasoned professionals, and ideal for adding buildable and customisable drama to your lids. 


Remember what we said about Huda's innovations? From theHuda Beauty Blush Filter and Huda Beauty Lip Blush Creamy Lip and Cheek Stain to the Huda Beauty 1 Coat WOW Mascara, there’s been plenty of new arrivals of late. “I can’t wait to get more of these as the staying power is great and the colour payoff is perfect for a stain,” one Huda Beauty fan said of the lip and cheek stain, as another showed similar praise for the brand’s new mascara: “This thickens and lengthens in one coat, what is not to love? I’m on my third tube already.” 


Much like Huda Beauty’s bestselling make up, Huda and Mona’s KAYALI fragrance range is brimming with scents that fans simply can’t get enough of. Take the KAYALI Vanilla 28 for example, which one happy reviewer described as “the best”, adding that “the scent ages beautifully throughout the day.” As the name suggests, the fragrance is packed with vanilla and stars an alluring bouquet of creamy jasmine, amber, patchouli and more. 

Offering a deeper, earthier aroma — but just as many rave reviews — the KAYALI Oudgasm Cafe Oud 19 captures senses with a blend of vibrant rose, geranium and woody oud. Of the fragrance, one person said it had quickly become their “all-time favourite perfume”, while another described it as a “gorgeous fragrance” that they would “definitely purchase again.” We’re convinced... 


Joining the ranks of bestsellers, KAYALI’s latest arrivals have already earned a coveted place in the fragrance collections of fans (and ours). One for the sweet toothers among us, the KAYALI Vanilla Candy Rock Sugar 42 is brimming with notes of glazed candied pear, marshmallow, bubble gum and jellybeans — ideal for summer, as one reviewer put it. 

Also imparting a dose of sweetness to your skin — as well as floral notes and sensual vanilla — is the KAYALI Eden Sparkling Lychee 39. “I get so many compliments on this,” one reviewer said of the fragrance, with another adding: “It smells amazing! Love the scent, it is very fruity and sweet. One of my favorites for sure.” 


Got a bit more space on your wishlist? Achieve Huda Kattan’s iconic lip look with the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick, a silky formula that applies like a lip gloss and dries down like a lipstick, leaving behind a veil of vibrant colour that won't smudge, flake or transfer. "It’s amazing,” one person said in their review of this staple, adding: “It doesn’t feel dry and stays put for the day.” 

If your preferred finish is glossy, then theHuda Beauty Faux Filler Extra Shineis the one for you. Infused with collagen and vitamin E, this balm-gloss hybrid deposits a multidimensional, reflective shine while delivering nourishment straight to your pout.The formula is super smooth and non-sticky, gliding on effortlessly for an even application” one person said. “Plus, the wand applicator allows for precision too, ensuring that every curve of the lips is covered with a beautiful shine they added. 

Jade Biggs
Writer and expert
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Having spent much of her career in the world of glossy magazines, Jade is one of Cult Beauty's Senior Copywriters. As well as a passion for all-things-words (she can — and will, if asked — write a dissertation on fake tan), she has heaps of skin care and beauty know-how (including how to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner again and again... and again). When she’s not applying fake tan or admiring her knife-sharp liner, she’s an adoring mum to four feline fur babies, hunting down inspiration for her next set of acrylic nails or watching endless episodes of reality TV.