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So, How Do Lash Serums Actually Work?

Anya Elliman
Writer and expert2 months ago
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An extreme close up of a light-skinned model with dark features applying an eye lash serum to her top lashes while looking down

Already familiar with eyelash serums? The growth-boosting formulas are developed to double – even triple – the length of natural lashes with a few weeks of diligent use. If you’re curious as to how these super serums actually work in delivering results that leave your heart (and lashes) aflutter, you’ve come to the right place!

But first thing’s first: why add one of these miracle must-haves to your routine in the first place? From tugging a lil’ too hard with the make up remover to overusing false lashes, there’s a whole host of reasons to reach for eyelash care. Yes, a volumising mascara delivers thickness and length, but only to a certain degree – don’t you dream of having those perks without daily application? Plus, many also opt for lash serums due to lash loss and thanks to these nutrient-packed formulas, these serums can recondition lashes and stimulate hair growth so it’s like the loss never happened…

However, it’s worth noting that many come with claims of lengthy lashes in only a matter of weeks – but it’s only with consistent use for a long period of time, you’ll see results. Patience and consistency are key, so the sooner you get to work, the sooner you could be living your best lash life… Oh, and did we mention most lash serums can also be used on your brows to deliver the same results? Talk about a multi-tasking marvel…



In short, these super serums work by supporting hairs in their growth phases – when applied regularly, these power-packed formulas encourage the hair to grow longer, and with darker pigment (sounds pretty dreamy, right?).

Most serums today are based around peptides (AKA short chains of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein). And, considering your lashes are comprised of around 80% keratin protein, it’s easy to see how a topical top-up can nourish, thicken and support fuller growth.

Many of the best lash serums also contain a supporting cast of nutrients and vitamins to condition lashes. First up? Biotin, which helps support in strengthening the hair fibres protein, while an infusion of panthenol works to maintain moisture levels and prevent breakage. Oh, and speaking of protein, you may know collagen works wonders for our skin, but it’s also great for lashes. Think: thick, voluminous lashes with a coating of long-lasting hydration…

So, now you know all the nitty-gritty behind these supercharged serums, it’s time to explore the trustworthy treatments that’ll have you falling in love at first blink

First up, say goodbye to your monthly extensions appointment or stick on strips and discover the fan-favourite RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. Starring a proprietary blend of scientifically advanced technology and natural botanicals, this daily treatment promotes strand strength and suppleness, while minimising likelihood of breakage. Plus, it features a BioPeptin Complex (AKA a cocktail of peptides and botanicals) to saturate each hair with moisture, so your lashes are left infused with long-lasting hydration.


Next, the Benefit Whoop Lash Enhancing Serum is your official fast track to enviable, healthy flutters. Boasting a custom blend of plant extracts (hello hibiscus flower and safflower extracts), rice protein and biotin, alongside provitamin B5, it helps condition, sleek and soften hairs. Starring notes of magnolia, jasmine sambac and sandalwood, it delights not only your lashes but your senses too... can we get a whoop?


Delivering love to not only your lashes but your brows too is The Ordinary’s Multi-Peptide Lash and Brow Serum. This concentrated formula is infused with a complex of four peptide technologies and an impressive 11 (yep, you read correctly) key active ingredients to support the look of hair density and thickness. Simply sweep this lightweight formula over your lash line and brows to unlock lustful length…


Meet the strengthening saviour that has caught our eye: the OLAPLEX LashBond Building Serum. Powered brand's patented Peptide Complex Technology and Bond Building Technology, this clear, ultra-lightweight serum delivers longer, more-lifted lashes to even the teeniest, tiniest hairs. How? Well, its capabilities are supercharged by hydrating hyaluronic acid and growth-promoting biotin to ensure nourished and healthy-looking flutters, from lash line to the tip. Sold.


Lastly, bursting with cultivated Alpine edelweiss extract sourced from the Alps, the Susanne Kaufmann Lash & Brow Serum is a powerful formula creating a fulsome flutter and bushier brows. Intrigued? With a fine-tipped applicator to grab even the smallest strands, this lightweight serum boosts the overall density of lash and brow hair. Plus, it’s bursting with skin-friendly peptides and mallow leaf water to condition brittle hairs so lashes and brows are left fuller, stronger and longer…



So, there you have it; if you weren’t sure which lash-lengthening serum was for you, you sure do now. It’s time to make space for your new evening essential…

Anya Elliman
Writer and expert
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Anya is one of Cult Beauty’s Junior Copywriters. A huge lover of all things skin and body care, time spent intently researching product ingredients has resulted in a mass of skin care know-how (which don’t worry, she’s more than happy to share). When Anya's not treating herself to a new Maison Margiela fragrance or Aesop hand cream, you'll find her at the latest natural wine bar with friends, buying a new book (even though there is already a stack waiting), or walking through Hampstead Heath with her regular order of an almond latte.