M&A Series

By Dennis McCarthy – (213) 222-8260 – dennis@mbsecurities.com –

Welcome to the M&A Series. 

There are many topics and subtopics involved in M&A, as became evident to me as I prepared my list of planned videos.

Most of what I’ll cover in this M&A Series will be from the perspective of an executive of a middle market company, whether public or private, considering a sale of the company.

Because most company executives go through the M&A experience only once in their career, I decided to create this Series to prepare, as much as possible, those first-time company executives to know what to expect and to be prepared to make the best, most informed choices.

Each of my videos will be short and focused on one element of the topic.

I’ll supplement my videos with contributions from other professionals who will add their special expertise to the Series.

I hope you’ll enjoy this M&A Series and share it you’re your friends and colleagues.  Give me your feedback to make it even better.