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Founded by Anna Marcovici in 2018, Manifesto is dedicated to supporting you from the inside out. Embracing every stage of life, the brand works with nutritionists to create a range of flavoursome, vegan gummies packed with a variety of powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Thoughtfully formulated and designed to strengthen skin, strands and nails, these supplements are primed to boost your beauty routine to holistic new heights.



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Celebrating beauty at every stage of life, Manifesto is the supplement brand that offers nutritionist- crafted gummies that maximise the benefits of your beauty routine. Whether you want to promote healthier looking skin, strengthen hair or support your gut health this beauty brand combines science with a holistic approach to looking and feeling good.


With 18 years of experience within the beauty industry and working for global names including L’Oreal, Bobbi Brown, Nars and MAC, Ana Marcovici founded the Impact Beauty Group as an agency dedicated to growing premium, mission-driven brands in the UK and Europe. After traveling to the USA for her job, she noticed a gap in the market within the supplement space for tasty, targeted gummies that weren’t packed with artificial sugars or gelatine. Wanting to dedicate something to her grandmother – who was passionate about maintaining healthy skin well into her 70s, Ana founded Manifesto and devoted the cherry flavoured gummies to her – as the symbol for smooth skin.


Supporting women has always been a pillar of Manfiesto, as such it has been awarded a Female-Owned Proof Point which is powered by our third-party verifier Provenance. But that’s not all... Keen to avoid using animal-derived ingredients in its formula, the brand’s supplements are vegan verified and are made using biotin, inulin and acai berry extract. Not only that but Manifesto also has a Widely Recyclable Packing Proof Point and a Fully Compostable Proof Point as all the brand’s gummies care housed in a refillable aluminium tin and are wrapped in home compostable sachets derived from Eucalyptus.