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Brainchild of Hope Smith, who struggled to find effective skin and body care that she could use while pregnant, MUTHA is aptly named and takes inspiration from the powerful act of mothering. Dreaming up nurturing and empowering formulas for everyone, the brand uses the finest ingredients and latest innovation to deliver potent potions that care for your skin like your own MUTHA would...



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Realising that to be the best mother she could be she had to take care of herself first, founder of MUTHA, Hope Smith, decided to create a skin care brand that not only helped shrink her insecurities (hello stretch marks) but empowered her to take control of her body and self care. Fusing scientific technology with luxurious textures, MUTHA has developed a range of must-haves for pregnant women and people in all stages of their lives. Powerful and supercharged, these elixirs take care of you as you take care of others...


After winning Miss Texas Teen USA when she was 16 and going on sign with Wilhelmina Model to model for Balenciaga and Playboy, Hope Smith has always been surrounded by beauty. When she became pregnant with her first son, she was advised to lather her body with Le Mer cream and wrap herself in clingfilm twice daily to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. She found this an absurd idea and began to experiment with raw ingredients in her kitchen until she produced MUTHA’s first ever product, Body Butter. Realising the importance of effective skin care, that was pregnancy-safe lit a fire under Hope and she went on to officially launch the aptly named brand in 2018.


The not-so-secret secret to soft, supple skin? MUTHA’s fan-favourite Body Butter. Equal parts indulgent and nurturing, it’s packed with shea butter, cocoa butter and antioxidant rich vitamin E to deliver a deep dose of hydration that smooths and strengthens your skin. If you’re looking for something less rich — that still packs a punch — dose your limbs with the 100% botanical seed oil infused Body Oil. Feeding parched limbs with non-greasy hydration, this silky formula is quickly absorbed and floods skin with antioxidants and vitamins C and A. Plus, made with uplifting (but subtle) notes of citrus, this is a delightful addition to anyone’s body care routine